The Appaloosa horse, known for its conformation, disposition, coloring, and versatility.  Almost forgotten in today's world because so many of today's Appaloosas look more like Quarter Horses than Appaloosas.

Presently there are a portion of approximately 4000 pictures on this website, many of the old Appaloosas, as well as today's Appaloosa.

This site is dedicated to showing people that the wonderful traits and color of the old Appaloosa can be found in the Appaloosa of today.  Many people say, "You know I had an Appaloosa as a child.  I forgot how wonderful they are to be around."

These pictures have come from many sources, when known that source is listed.  Many of them come from Sundance 500 International, an organization that promotes the bloodlines of the Appaloosa stallion, Sundance F-500, and other old bloodlines.  Many were e-mailed to me and due to a computer crash I lost my list of who sent me what and have started over with the ones most recently sent to me.  The pictures of most of the horses tracing to Prince Plaudit containing the words "Prince" or "Plaudit" came from Information I purchased on E-Bay from Nancy Ventres in 2004.  If you know where a picture came from or have interesting information on a particular horse, etc. please contact me at and I will be more than happy to add the information/credit  to the website.

I have provided an alpha index of the names, which will continue to grow as I add pictures.  Since some of the indexes are very long, press CTRL+F and search for the name you are looking for, then click on the name to view that horse.  Where it says "Full Pedigree" the pedigree will open in a new window - there is no guarantee that the pedigree is fully accurate as it is from All Breed's online database, and anyone can go in and change the pedigrees.